Life can be so beautiful...

Drive alertly and kindly and enjoy life longer.

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Let there be Peace on the road.
End road rage.
.. and begin...

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Currently, (mid 2013) the primary project
of gridlocksmith is the creation
of another facet of
the global movement for peace.
It might be viewed as
a psychological war against war,
as we undermine the urge that many humans have
to do each other harm.

Replacing "road rage" with Road-Peace
is an important step toward World Peace!

For a better understanding of human nature, and why we act as irrationally as we often do, this book may be a great help...




will be the staging area

for the "Road-Peace" ad campaign.


PEACE should be the aspiration

of every human on the planet.

Would the kind and wise folks

 who will create world peace

treat each other as we do

on our roads, today.

If we think globally,

(world peace)

and act locally,

(as we drive)

can we create


Could it be a step toward


The mission of gridlocksmith is to share ideas that will help make traffic safer, as we keep in mind that "Road-Peace is a step on the road to World Peace."  If you will help, we can...

1) encourage all drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians to see themselves as "part of the solution," as they set good examples of courtesy, patience, and thoughtfulness.

2) assist grassroots traffic safety activists (GRTSAs) through greater exposure of their efforts and to help locate resources, and promote networking with others.

The tools found here to promote positive attitudes, brilliant thinking and good humor include an open access "think tank," personal contacts, blog, website, and bumper stickers, posters and other items.

When people find the joy

of truly caring for each other,

we will begin

to create peace.

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RoadPeace-healthy-mug by gridlocksmith
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"If we are are all gridlocksmiths,

(or, road-peacemakers)

there need be no more gridlock."

The new site, is still under construction,

but, go ahead, you can have a peek.

DEDICATION: to all who care about traffic safety,

and especially to those who have lost loved ones,

 may we someday see millions of gridlocksmiths

and take a step toward world peace

by making peace on our roads.


Remembering Ricky

by Earl Shoop, gridlocksmith

 On a lonely highway,
 Early one morn,
 From a young bicyclist,
 His life was torn.

 It was the Spring
 Of sixty-nine,
 And that young boy
 Was a brother of mine.

 As I was feeling
 My terrible loss,
 The way others drove
 Made me feel cross.

 I counseled away
 My rage and tears,
 Observed, while driving,
 For many years.

 To help make things better,
 That is my plan.
 As a gridlocksmith,
 Perhaps, I can.


Samples from your store...

"Will traffic safety advocate for food."

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Although there are frequent


if you explore the site,

enlightenment and true happiness will be yours.

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feel free to browse, and


Remember that "Road-Peace" depends on you...

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to partake in the newest facet of the peace movement.