Life can be so beautiful...and fun! (Photo by Laureen Summers)
Drive alertly and kindly and enjoy a fun life longer.

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"Will traffic safety advocate for food."

(one of my most respected mentors) 


Latest addition, "How to Drive Like a Moron!" is the product of a guy who seems to be dealing with the frustration that any caring driver feels, behind the wheel.

CAR TALK - CREDITS - ever wish you could remember all those funny names that Tom and Ray ("CLICK & CLACK") would read at the end of their show? Here they are... all of them! Enjoy. And maybe take a tour of the garage. They are bound to lighten your mood and your pocket, as well?

DarwinAwards - good medicine for low self esteem! That is, unless you like to weld stuff to hand grenades or attach a JATO unit to the car for a little extra pick up. It's ok to laugh at death, right?

Dilbert's Blog - howling humor happens here  "...part of being a big-time cartoonist involves live interviews on camera, and giving speeches to large crowds. Those activities terrify people that have a normal fear of embarrassment. Not me. If I’m going to embarrass myself, I want witnesses, and lots of them. The entertainment value seems wasted if only one person notices." -5/8/06

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