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Drive alertly and kindly and enjoy a fun life longer.

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End road rage.
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"Will traffic safety advocate for food."

by gridlocksmith
Whether we cycle, drive or walk,
Pay attention - do not gawk!
If you do have distractions
You may suffer impactions,
And my, how your friends will talk!

See a gloriously fun project to defeat distractions.

by gridlocksmith

A really long, long time ago
Cosmic dust flew to and fro,

Then came together, some incredible how;
Forming suns and planets.  Holy cow!

Then, one mud ball, oozing slime
Became life's stew pot.  Give it time.

After much more time had passed,
Life forms evolved, and some would last.

Then, in great wisdom, from who knows where;
Procreation was happening, involving a pair.

I'm sure you know to where this had to lead;
To warm blooded creatures that know how to bleed.

So, bleeding continued, down through the ages
In spite of the wisdom of all of our sages.

When peace does come, will humans be in it?
We soon shall see; just wait a minute.

Wishing for World Peace?...

It will not happen

Without YOU!

There's a lot

For us to do.

Every Rick, and Pat,

Laurie, and Tom-

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by gridlocksmith

it is life and death;
in matters so serious,
one must always laugh.

"Road Rage Remedy"

We know a cheery fellow
Who likes the traffic mellow,
But, when drivers intrude,
With attitudes, rude,
He sometimes used to bellow!

He soon saw that was folly.
So, to make himself quite jolly,
He said, "Yes-sir-ee, Bob,
They're doing a fine job;
They keep me alert, by golly!"

(seat belt reminder)
While stopped at a lite,
I wave as I'm smiling,
To show that I'm friendly,
I am not beguiling.
If the prospect smiles, too,
Then, is surely deserving
Of the helpful reminder
I soon will be serving.
It's showtime's bliss,
As I hoist up my belt,
Then give it a kiss.
You might think it could melt.
Though puzzling, at first,
This uncommon scene,
Was far from the worst
That ever was seen.
Laughter then came,
Though not to the max,
Still, was enough
To let one relax.
So, brain cells break loose,
And someone is chuckling,
And, what do you know,
A seat belt is buckling.
Then, a window,
Downward cranks.
The smiling face
Offers, "Thanks."

Lastly, in case you missed it on the home page...
Remembering Ricky

by Earl Shoop, gridlocksmith

 On a lonely highway,
 Early one morn,
 From a young bicyclist,
 His life was torn.

 It was the Spring
 Of sixty-nine,
 And that young boy
 Was a brother of mine.

 As I was feeling
 My terrible loss,
 The way others drove
 Made me feel cross.

 I counseled away
 My rage and tears,
 Observed, while driving,
 For many years.

 To help make things better,
 That is my plan.
 As a gridlocksmith,
 Perhaps, I can.

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